Nissan’s online news release archive

Nissan has greatly expanded the archives of news releases on its Global Newsroom website for the media. This online archive is a valuable resource to learn about the company’s initiatives and innovations to date.

Nissan’s Global Newsroom was launched in 1999 to provide information on Nissan’s corporate activities, new products and new technologies. Until now, only news releases issued after the website’s launch were archived there. News releases issued before 1999 in both Japanese and English were compiled into physical reference books and stored in-house.

Nissan has now scanned and digitized all its existing pre-1999 releases and made them available on the newsroom as PDFs of the original print versions, complete with old logos, diagrams and data tables. This archive provides information on Nissan’s products, technologies and various business activities.

The Japanese releases cover the period from 1961 – when Nissan’s communication department was established – to 1999. The English versions cover the period from 1963 to 1999.

Nissan plans to further enrich information on the site with the addition of photos from Nissan’s collection, including those used at the time of the news releases and related shots of vehicles.

Link to Nissan Archive

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