Nissan 300ZX Z32 Repairs

As most of you are probably aware, my 1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32 was stolen in January this year.  Through sheer luck, the police located it in April and then I bought it back from an auction yard in May.  I made a short video outlining what happened with the car and it can be found here: My Stolen and Recovered 1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32

Since it arrived back to my garage in late May, I’ve slowly been restoring it.  The car hasn’t been classified as written off and I’m hoping to get a roadworthy and re-registering it in the not too distant future.  At this stage, I’m not sure if the car will ever be as good as it once was, and they really scratched, dinted and messed up the paintwork; therefore the car will need a full respray down the track.  Hopefully, it hasn’t been messed around with too much mechanically, although they did a number on the wiring (looking for trackers) and destroyed the ignition cylinder lock.  All these things will be checked over thoroughly before using the car at all.  The aim is to use the car like how it was being used previously, as a road car and occasional track car.

List of work completed:

– Washed and polished up all body panels to remove scratch marks, police fingerprint dust, a sticker that they put on the passenger side door and I also removed some black paint that was on the bonnet and doors.

– Vacuumed, cleaned and detailed inside the car including removing cushions and pillows.  Someone had been living in it and possibly using drugs.

– Removed the damaged rear driver’s side mud guard and passenger mud guard.  I may end up replacing these.

– Attached the roof shades to the targa tops.  I had to order new plastic adapters and glue them to the glass targa panel.

– Checked over wheels/tyres/brakes for damage.  Fortunately, they didn’t remove the expensive OZ Racing wheels.  Brake discs need machining but brake pad thickness is good.

– Resoldered the wiring going to the MAF sensor.  They damaged this wiring presumably thinking it was a tracker.

– Replaced battery and installed new battery holder as this was missing.

– Replaced radiator cap.

– Replaced top radiator hose.

– Replaced lock nuts on wheels.

– Removed the driver side mirror as it was destroyed.

– Repaired fire extinguisher bracket.

– Repaired some exterior trim pieces.

– Repainted the floor where the rear seats used to be.

– Put the centre console and dash back together properly.

Work still to do:

– Get a mechanic to put a new ignition lock cylinder and wiring in the car.

– They removed the back part of the exhaust, so I have to put the original exhaust back on for the roadworthy.

– Get new seat covers because apparently it’s cool to burn your cigarette into the seat.

– Put the original set of wheels and tyres back on it for roadworthy.

– Buy a new jack for the car.

– Buy a new performance air filter.

– Install a new driver side mirror.

– Possibly re-manufacture the engine ID plates that were taken off.

– Install a new radio.

– Secure the foot pedals as they are loose.

Future work/upgrades:

– Re-spray the whole car and fix interior panels.

– Roll cage installation.

– Adjustable coil-over suspension.

– Install racing seat.

– Fix cruise control, heating and air-conditioner.

– Buy a new fire extinguisher.

I’ve completed a lot but still have a lot to go but one day I’ll be back on the road enjoying my car again.

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