Significant features

– A 2.5 litre-five cylinder turbocharged engine from Audi, that produces 390kW (530hp) of power and 650Nm of torque, sending drive to the rear wheels.  The injection valves, wastegate, intake system, exhaust system and software have been adapted.

– Carbon monocoque helps keep weight of the vehicle to only 1048kg.

– GT roll cage homologated according to FIA Appendix J.

– Built in close cooperation with the aerodynamic specialists and technicians of development partner Reiter Engineering.

– Ideal car for track days and professional racing.

– Recaro competition seat made out of carbon-kevlar.

– Homologated six-point racing harness from Schroth.

– The spectacular “Jetfighter Canopy”.  The formerly one-piece ‘Plexiglass’ canopy is replaced by a carbon frame with an inserted windshield and separate opening glass doors on both sides.

– Suede racing steering wheel is completely new in terms of looks, feel and ergonomics and has an integrated display.

– Every single important control element is located in the central part and made out of carbon fibre.

– The steering column and thus the position of the steering wheel can still be adjusted in height and depth.

– Has the tried-and-tested pedal box, which can be adjusted by around 30 centimetres.

– The electric power steering replaces the hydraulic power steering previously used in the KTM XBOW GT4 and offers several advantages.

– Electric gear shifter produced by SaReNi.

– Instead of classic side mirrors, the new KTM X-BOW GTX relies on a high-tech system with two cameras and two screens on the right and left of the vehicle and in the cockpit.

– 120 litre fuel tank with a quick refuelling option on the left, the right, or on both sides of the car.

– Air routing and ventilation have been revised and the air outlets are also new and repositioned.

– Both traction control and racing ABS can be set manually.  The eight-way adjustable traction control ensures optimal acceleration out of corners and more safety on wet tracks.

– The type 3 racing ABS from Continental can be adjusted in ten steps to the track conditions.

– Aluminium wheel carriers with quick camber adjustment.

– The wishbones made of high-strength steel are designed in an aero-profile form, which is particularly important on the front axle.

– The standard MoTec engine control includes a MoTec data logger and thus allows full data analysis in racing.

– The sequential six-speed gearbox is the tried and tested MF model from Holinger.

– A sintered metal racing clutch and a limited-slip differential.

– Airjack system from Krontec, which speeds up tire changes on track days and makes minor service or repair work easier.

– The dampers from Sachs can be adjusted in rebound and compression as well as in height on the front and the rear axles.

– Six-piston brake calipers with 378mm discs at the front and four-piston brake calipers with 355mm discs at the rear.

– The rear frame is made of high-strength steel tubes.

– Work is well underway on homologation for a road registerable variant of the car.  This process is expected to be complete sometime in late 2021.

– The KTM X-BOW GTX race car is available for purchase now through KTM Cars Australia with a starting price of 230,000 EUR (AU $380,000 approximately).

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