Tampered Motorsport is back!

It feels like a long time ago since I did my last Tampered Motorsport track day at Sandown, back in January of this year.  There was another event held in March, however I couldn’t make it as money was required for a house deposit.  The next event planned for attendance was in May.

In late March, the seriousness of the Coronavirus was starting to hit and really impact on everyone’s lives, however Tampered Motorsport were still hopeful of running the event in May.  In late April, the unfortunate but correct decision was made to cancel the event.

With Coronavirus restrictions recently eased, the team at Tampered Motorsport have announced that the next event on June 6th will take place and due to an increase in interest, have also made June 5th available for competitors.  I’m hoping to get to the June 5th track day.  Although I don’t know the ins and outs of how they’re going to run these events, social distancing will still be enforced and it’s likely that spectators won’t be allowed.  There’ll most likely be an online sign in and drivers’ briefing as well.

My Nissan 300ZX hasn’t had any further upgrades.  I ordered an Apexi performance air filter from Just Jap a few months ago, however the part is on backorder and it could still take a month to arrive.  I’m hoping that along with the AMS exhaust there’ll be a small horsepower gain and even if there’s no gain, I’m looking forward to installing the air filter on my own.  I fitted the AMS exhaust on my own and was quite proud of this achievement considering I didn’t have access to a car hoist.

It will be great to get back onto the track again and I’m really looking forward to June 5th.  My aim will be to achieve a lap time in the low 1 minute 30’s, as my current personal best is a 1 minute 35.


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