Seeking sponsorship for Automotive Torque

I have a lifelong interest in cars and motorsport, leading to the formation of my website called Automotive Torque ( in February 2017.  The original intention was to make galleries out of all my car photos, but the website then developed into new and used cars reviews, car news and videos.

Galleries are from different motorsport events in Australia, including the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, historic motorsport events and targa events.

The biggest area of growth has been carrying out new car reviews.  I’ve obtained press cars from Kia, Genesis, Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Suzuki and BMW.  These cars are loaned to me for a week and I have the opportunity to drive them, take photos and review them.  The final review is posted on my website.  I’ve also obtained an Audi and Volkswagen to review through CarAdvice.  I have a media account with newspress Australia, enabling me to write up press releases.

The website has grown since its formation in 2017, and here are the statistics:

– In 2017 there were 2100 views and 530 visitors.

– In 2018 there were 4400 views and 1890 visitors.

– In 2019 there have so far been 8000 views and 3600 visitors.

My current Alexa Traffic Rank is 350,000 and Traffic Rank in Australia is 3,500.  At roughly the same time last year, these numbers were 10,000,000 and 50,000.  Therefore, the website has dramatically increased in ranking over the course of a year.  My target demographic is males aged 18-45 years of age.

I’m currently looking for businesses and/or individuals to sponsor my website.  I’m asking for a yearly contribution of $2,500 to help with:

– Renewing my domain name.
– Renewing my WordPress business plan.
– Using Google Ads to promote my business.
– Increasing the number of Facebook promotions.
– Using search engine optimisation with the help of digital marketing companies.
– Increasing website merchandise.

What I can offer you:

– Your company’s name and logo placed on the website.  This enables a current exposure of approximately 1000 views and 500 visitors a month, with these figures growing.

– Automotive Torque stickers.

– Copies of my paperback book ‘Stories from the motoring world’, featuring content from the website.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to building an affiliation with you.

If you enjoy this website, please donate to help it grow.

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