The Formula Ford Experience Australia Review Broadford Circuit

If you want to satisfy your motorsport craving, it’s worth making a booking with Formula Ford Experience Australia (FFEA).  The FFEA crew travels to a range of different tracks in Australia including Lakeside Park, Queensland Raceway, Marulan Road Circuit and the Broadford Road Circuit in Victoria.

Having previously driven in similar Formula Ford Experiences, I can say firsthand that FFEA are by far the most professional and go out of their way to make the event as safe and enjoyable as possible for the participant.  After signing in, participants are given a driver’s briefing conducted by owner Scott Allen.  The briefing is very thorough and outlines topics such as the history of Formula Ford, explanation of the vehicles, safety instructions and handling and driver tips.

The briefing is then followed by industry qualified coaching in a road car.  These sighting laps enable participants to become familiar with the track and learn braking and turn in points as well as the ideal racing line.  Another great benefit is having all equipment supplied including race overalls, gloves, shoes and helmets.  There are also marshalling points at the circuit and overtaking is permitted on the front and back straights.

Having had the opportunity to drive one of these cars at Broadford was a great experience. With the cars only weighing 400 kilograms and having roughly 100 horsepower they have an exceptional power to weight ratio and are capable of speeds of up to 200 km/h at this circuit. Driving at Broadford gives you the opportunity to get the best out of the car, with the track providing the driver with many off cambered corners mixed with fast flowing sections.  You fully get to appreciated how nimble the cars are, how quickly they change direction and how quickly they can brake and build speed.

Driving a Formula Ford unrestricted is a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend FFEA for the motorsport enthusiast.

Please note that this company is currently closed (11/05/18)

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