Driving Frustrations

Don’t get me wrong, I love cars and driving but there are some things that really annoy and frustrate me on the roads.  There are the obvious ones like talking or texting on your mobile while driving, but below is a list of other things that I’ve observed with particular reference to driving in Victoria:

Driving 10-20 km/h under the speed limit in the right hand lane                                  

I’m pretty confident that most people would agree with me on this one.  It’s particularly frustrating on freeways when an inconsiderate driver just sits in the right lane doing at least 10 under but won’t get out of the way.  There’s no need to worry about the 10 cars that you’re holding up behind you.  It astounds me how the majority of people who do this are never fined.

Not being able to consistently maintain the posted speed limit 

I really do think that if you can’t drive at the posted speed limit then you should have to hand back your licence.  On a single lane road, doing 30km/h under the speed limit on a perfectly sunny day shouldn’t be acceptable.

Doing half the posted speed limit in the wet                                                                        

I’m all for slowing down on wet roads but is it really necessary to do 40 in an 80 zone when you have a modern car equipped with every driver aid imaginable?

Not being able to merge at the same speed as the main traffic

When merging, I’ve witnessed a lot of cars coming to a complete stop in the merge lane when the main flow of traffic is doing 80km/h, greatly increasing the chances of nose to tail accidents.

Taking a long, long time to build speed from a standstill

It shouldn’t take 20 seconds for your car to reach 60km/h.  You don’t have to take off at a million miles an hour but a reasonable pace would be nice.

Motorists not considering others behind

This seems to always happen on two of the great driving roads in Victoria, the Great Ocean Road and the Black Spur.  There are even dedicated areas where you can pull off and let people past, but these areas are often ignored.  The driver should be focussed on driving and not sightseeing.

I think that if motorists were more considerate of others, a lot of these issues wouldn’t take place.  Obtaining a driver’s licence is easy but I think that there needs to be more emphasis put on driver training including lane discipline and consideration of other road users.





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