Apple AirTag review

After having my Nissan 300ZX stolen and fortunately returned a couple of years ago, my wife and I were wondering about an affordable way to track our cars.  I’ve already purchased a club lock and down the track will fit a relatively expensive GPS tracker to the Nissan.

In the interim and given that money’s a bit tight, my wife obtained a pack of four Apple AirTag’s for free, as she had built up several shopping points.  Usually, these cost $165 for a pack of four or $49 each. Although these devices are mainly used for tracking your keys, wallet or luggage, it’s worth trying out how effective they can be for tracking your car.

The way it works is as follows.  If your car is stolen and your AirTag is still in your car and another motorist is close by with an iPhone, your AirTag location will be transmitted to your phone through the Find My app.  There’s a high chance of the AirTag being within 20 metres of an iPhone if your car is stolen.  You then have three days before a thief’s phone alerts them to the fact that they’re being tracked, so given the thief doesn’t find the AirTag within three days and drives around in traffic, there’s a high chance of getting your car back.  I’ve been using the AirTag for a week now and have been happy with the product so far.


– Cost effective way of tracking your car.

– I’m impressed with how accurate the tracking is.

– Easy to connect AirTag to your iPhone through Bluetooth.

– Battery lasts a year.

– Don’t need to wire the device into your car like a GPS.

– Given how small it is, it’s easy to find a good location in the car to hide it.


– Not effective if your car is stolen and taken to a remote location.

– Not as accurate or doesn’t update as regularly as a GPS tracker.

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