Plans for 2023

Happy New Year everyone!  Thanks for all your support of my Automotive Torque website and YouTube channel over the last few years.

Late last year, I finally managed to re-register my stolen and recovered Nissan 300ZX, after the car being off the road for 18 months.  A detailed run down of this process can be found in this video.  This year, I’m going to use the 300ZX as a road car and occasional track car.  I’ll be attending further Tampered Motorsport events at Sandown and some Winton Track Days by Driveschool events in 2023.

As a spectator, I’ll be attending the Targa High Country in February.  I was going to buy general admission tickets to the Australian Grand Prix, that takes place in March, but missed out as these tickets are already sold out!  Usually, I buy these tickets one month before the event with no issues.  Hopefully, more tickets will be released, but I’m not getting my hopes up!

I’m hoping to obtain a Nissan Z to review and compare it to my 300ZX.  Other new cars on the radar to review in 2023 include the Hyundai i30 Sedan N and Toyota GR86.  Since May 2022, I’ve been working in another job full time and as a result haven’t had as much time to devote to new car reviews.

In 2022, my YouTube channel grew further, and more effort this year will be put into producing videos than writing content.  I hope that you all have a great 2023!

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