Nissan 300ZX Z32 NA first drive after restoration

The first drive of my 1990 Nissan 300ZX Z32 NA after restoration work.

Work completed:

– Washed and polished up all body panels to remove scratch marks.

– Vacuumed, cleaned and detailed inside the car.

– Attached the roof shades to the targa tops.

– Resoldered the wiring going to the MAF sensor.

– Replaced battery and installed new battery holder.

– Replaced radiator cap.

– Replaced top radiator hose.

– Replaced lock nuts on wheels.

– Repaired fire extinguisher bracket.

– Repaired some exterior trim pieces.

– Repainted the floor where the rear seats used to be.

– Put the centre console and dash back together properly.

– Put the original exhaust back on.

– New seat covers.

– Put the original set of wheels and tyres back on it for roadworthy.

– New jack.

– New performance air filter.

– Installed a new driver side mirror.

– New fire extinguisher.

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