Albert Park Circuit upgrades

There will be significant changes to the track layout of the iconic Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, Australia, when the Formula 1 World Championship returns in 2022.

This Grand Prix returns as round three in the 2022 championship, held on April 7-10, after being cancelled for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The new upgrades, costing $20 million, will be completed this summer and they promise to deliver higher speeds and hopefully more overtaking opportunities.

The list of upgrades includes:

– Entire track resurfaced for the first time in 25 years.

– Pit lane has been widened by two metres.

– Seven corners modified with two removed entirely (Turn 9 and Turn 10).

– Removal of the Turn 9 and 10 chicane will create a high-speed right hander.

– Widening of the track at Turns 1, 3, 6, 13 and 15.

– At Turn 6, track widening of 7.5 metres should increase speed from 149km/h to 219km/h.

– Turns 13 and 15 are set to have their cambers altered to allow multiple racing lines.

– New locations for corporate suites, grandstands and general admission fans.

The new layout and new generation cars for 2022 ensures that every team is on a level playing field.  Track length will be reduced by 28 metres, from 5.259 to 5.231km, with lap times expected to decrease by five seconds.  Eliminating the Turn 9 and 10 chicane will possibility create a new DRS zone, with F1 speeds reaching 330 km/h and an overtaking opportunity into the original Turn 11/12 complex.

Andrew Westacott, Australian Grand Prix Corporation CEO said, “These circuit modifications mean faster racing, with plenty of new opportunities for drivers to battle it out.”

“Since the 1950s Albert Park has been synonymous with Grand Prix racing with these upgrades aligning perfectly with the changes in specifications of the Formula 1 cars in 2022. While the project will make for more exciting racing, it also enhances the roads and surrounding facilities for community use beyond the event for years to come.”

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