Gordon Murray Automotive T.50

The legendary designer of the McLaren F1 supercar and a number of successful Formula 1 cars, Gordon Murray, has unveiled a new supercar for the road, called the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50.  Like the original McLaren F1, the new car features a central driving position, six-speed manual transmission, a naturally aspirated V12 engine and an uncompromising approach to weight reduction.

Significant features

 – A 3.9-litre naturally aspirated V12 engine that produces 487kW (653hp).  This engine is made by Cosworth and revs to 12,100 rpm.

– Close ratio six-speed manual gearbox.

– Tips the scales at only 986kg.

– Three seats with a central driving position.

– A 400mm diameter rear mounted fan that runs on a 48-volt electric motor.  It works with the active rear spoilers and diffusers to increase downforce.

– Chassis and body made from carbon fibre.

– Rides on Michelin Pilot Sport 4S (235/35 R19 front, 295/30 R20 rear).

– Double wishbone (forged aluminium alloy) front and rear suspension.

– Brembo carbon ceramic disc brakes, 370 mm diameter and a six-piston caliper at the front and 340 mm diameter and a four-piston caliper at the rear.

– Instrumentation is a central rev counter flanked by reconfigurable digital display screens on both sides.

– There’s 30 litres of cabin stowage space, split between five different cabin compartments.

– Each buyer gets to meet with Gordon Murray Automotive to have the position for the seat, steering wheel and pedals tailored to what they want.

– Production of the car starts in January 2022.

– Only 100 examples are going to be built, costing $4.3 million in Australia.

“No other road car can deliver the package of power, instant responsiveness and driver feedback in such a direct and focused way while remaining comfortable, refined and usable every day”, said Gordon Murray.

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