Aussie Driver Search 2018: Kyle Austin discusses the competition

The Aussie Driver Search was founded by Kyle Austin and is the only competition that provides anyone an opportunity at motorsport no matter their background, budget or experience level, with some great prizes on offer.  Two events have been completed so far this year so it was a great opportunity to get some feedback from Kyle on how the Aussie Driver Search is progressing.

How did the first two events go at Sydney Motorsport Park and The Bend?

The events ran really well, in particular The Bend as it’s such a great track and facility.  It’s been a big step for us this year especially running the V8 Supercar and Audi R8 for the first time but it has all gone great so far.

How valuable has it been having John Bowe and Glenn Seton as judges in this year’s competition?

 John and Glenn really boost the whole program and have a lot of wisdom to pass on.  For the average person to be able to drive with this calibre of race car drivers sitting next to them and receive feedback is pretty special for everyone.

 From humble beginnings, did you expect the program to grow so much over the past few years?

 We never thought we’d be offering a Super2 drive and also making it so accessible to drive such high calibre race cars.  I have to thank everyone who has got behind ADS and made it possible.

Are you surprised by how far Jaie Robson’s career has progressed since winning the competition in 2016?

We are not surprised as he really is super talented however we feel really lucky to have been so instrumental in his career and to have offered him a number of high end drives.

What are your plans for the future of the event?

We want to continue the momentum and keep offering up amazing prizes and drives at our events while also making ADS more accessible.

Thanks to Kyle from Aussie Driver Search.

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  1. The Eastern Creek event did not go well. At least 20 drivers were left out on the day with no track time and the alternate was to wait till November at Wakefield.
    ADS are overselling events with no planning for basics such as small spin offs throwing the schedule out. Kyle has not been very accommodating with refunding or finding a reasonable alternative.

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