Best driving roads in Victoria

There are some great driving roads in Victoria that I’ve managed to sample. On a recent outing, I was lucky enough to drive on some of my old favourites in the Yarra Ranges including the Reefton Spur, Lake Mountain Road, the Black Spur, Healesville-Kinglake Road and Myers Creek Road. Below is a more detailed description of these roads with some extras that definitely rate a mention:

Reefton Spur

The Reefton Spur is 80 kilometres east of Melbourne.  It’s 19km’s in length and includes a great mixture of straights, sweepers and slow corners.  The road surface is generally good but there are some areas of loose gravel that require caution.  During the week, the road is very quiet but it does get busy on weekends and is popular with motorcycle riders.

Lake Mountain Road

The Lake Mountain Road is located in close proximity to Reefton Spur.  The road is smooth, wide and free-flowing with some tight hairpins.  This 21km piece of tarmac has been used as part of the Lake Mountain Sprint for a number of years.  Although a very enjoyable road to drive, care needs to be taken as it’s located in a very popular tourist area.

The Black Spur

At a distance of 28km’s, The Black Spur is an old favourite of mine.  The road links Healesville and Narbethong on the Maroondah Highway.  There are some great corners and the fast sweepers just outside of Healesville (near Maroondah Reservior) are very enjoyable.  Unfortunately, the road is becoming more and more popular with tourists and as a result it’s harder to enjoy.  If you get stuck behind a very slow car, chances are they won’t pull over even though there are designated slow vehicle lanes.

Healesville-Kinglake Road

This is currently my favourite road to drive on.  It’s roughly 15km’s long and has a perfect mix of fast and slow corners and straights.  It used to be a real challenge in the wet but resurfacing has made the road a lot safer.  The road is smooth and wide therefore you can take the corners with a lot of confidence.

Myers Creek Road

If you travel north up Healesville-Kinglake Road and turn right near the Toolangi Tavern, you get to sample the 15km Myers Creek Road.  If you head south back towards Healesville, it’s a tricky, windy narrow road and therefore needs to be treated with respect but if you get it right it’s very enjoyable.

Other mentions:

Great Ocean Road

What an amazing road to drive on.  This wonderful 243km stretch of road links Torquay and Allansford.  If you want to drive the road at a reasonable pace, it’s best to visit during the middle of the year.  At this time, I enjoy driving around Lavers Hill where there are more sweeping bends and I’ve found it less busy.  During summer, the Great Ocean Road is heavily policed and full of tourists that generally like to sightsee and drive at the same time.  There are a number of turn-in bays for slower motorists but they often get ignored.  Still, it’s a wonderful road and to drive it all in one day is something that everyone needs to experience.

Mt Buller Road

Linking Mirimbah with the Mt Buller ski resort in north-east Victoria is the Mt Buller Road.  The 16km road has been used as part of the Mt Buller Sprint and Targa High Country for many years.  If you enjoy driving, this road has everything to offer including straights, sweepers, hairpins and elevation changes (the road rises approximately 900 metres from Mirimbah to the ski resort).

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